Utilities & Infrastructure

In addition to traditional water and wastewater service providers, significant water withdrawal and discharge is possible from the Roanoke River with appropriate permits.  Martin County is served by low cost electric providers and has access to significant quantities of natural gas.  The County is also located at the intersection of two major broadband fiber lines in the NC Broadband system, as well as service by traditional telephone and cable providers.

Water Systems


SystemDaily Capacity (Gallons)Elevated Storage (Gallons)
Martin County Regional Water & Sewer Authority*2,000,000
Oak City90,00075,000
* Serves Williamston and Martin County Water Districts 1 and 2.


In the late 1990s, the NC Division of Water Resources recognized that regional groundwater supplies in eastern North Carolina were being depleted due to overuse The Martin County Regional Water and Sewer Authority (MCRWASA) was formed in 2007 to address this need on a regional basis. An environmental assessment was completed in 2009 and, after study of several alternatives, a Roanoke River water treatment plant was selected as the best supply alternative.

After several years of planning, design and preparation, the Martin County Regional Water and Sewer Authority (MCRWASA) Water Treatment Plant construction started on September 30, 2013. The plant began distributing water to its wholesale customers, the Town of Williamston and Martin County (Water Districts I and 2), in March of 2016. The plant has a capacity of treating up to 2 million gallons of water per day.

Wastewater Systems


System Daily Capacity (Gallons) Type of Treatment
Williamston 2,000,000 Aeration
Robersonville* 2,400,000 Biological
Jamesville 150,000 Aeration
Hamilton 80,000 Aeration
*Everetts & Parmele have a sewer system with wastewater treated by Town of Robersonville

Electric Systems

Martin County is served by the following electric service agencies:

Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas offers services to Martin and surrounding counties including repair service and installation to gas appliances.


Business and residential telephone service in Martin County is provided by CenturyLink.



Internet service is provided by the following:





EarthLink Business






Exede Internet



Eastern North Carolina Fiber Locations

Martin County Economic Development Corporation
415 East Blvd #130, Williamston, NC 27892